Dongding Oolong Tea: The charm of Taiwan's high-quality tea leaves

1.What is Dongding Oolong Tea?

Fongding oolong tea is a high-quality tea grown in Taiwan. Its name comes from Dongdingshan, located in the central mountain range of Taiwan. The region's special climate and soil conditions set Dongding Oolong apart from other teas.

2. Aroma and taste

Dongding oolong tea is known for its unique aroma and deep flavor. Because the tea leaves are partially oxidized, it has characteristics intermediate between green tea and black tea. The scent is floral but also has fruity nuances. When you put it in your mouth, it has a smooth yet rich taste.

3. Health benefits

Frozen oolong tea has various health benefits. First of all, oolong tea contains caffeine, but it has a lower caffeine content than other tea leaves, so it can be expected to have a relaxing effect. It is also rich in antioxidants, which help prevent aging and disease in the body. Furthermore, Frozen Oolong Tea also contains ingredients that promote fat burning, so it can also be expected to have a diet effect.

4. How to drink and brew

In order to enjoy Dongding Oolong Tea, it is important to drink and brew it properly. First, the appropriate temperature for hot water is 90℃ to 95℃. The recommended ratio of tea leaves to hot water is 1:20. After pouring hot water, wait until the tea leaves spread and enjoy your tea. Also, the same tea leaves can be brewed multiple times. The first cup is light, and each time you brew the second or third cup, the flavor changes and you can enjoy it.


Dongding oolong tea is a high-quality tea from Taiwan that has a unique aroma and taste. It has health benefits and has a low caffeine content, so you can expect it to have a relaxing effect. Please enjoy Dongding Oolong Tea by following the correct drinking and brewing methods.

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