Enjoy a relaxing moment with beautiful tea. . .

LeMoment means a moment.

I want you to spend a wonderful time with a wonderful cup of tea.

Such a wish is put into it.

What kind of tea is sold by a former furniture store?

We have been in the furniture industry for a long time.
I thought about what I could do to make use of my experience in trading with various countries such as China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
When selling furniture, we were conscious not only of ease of use and safety, but also of creating a space that would give people a sense of space and peace in their lives and that they could enjoy for decades to come.

Beyond the creation of spaces, there are people's lives, and in those lives there are days when they are busy, days when they are depressed,
We are having a variety of special and lively days.
When I was thinking about something that could help me with these ever-changing days, I came across tea.

There are still many wonderful teas in the world

Since we originally imported furniture from China and Vietnam, we had many opportunities to experience local culture and ingredients, and tea was one of them.
What particularly caught my eye was the design of the tea can, which would look great as an interior decoration, and the scent.
Not only does it taste great, but it also has a variety of scents, including floral scents, caramel-like milky scents, and scents similar to Japanese green tea, all of which give you a sense of the depth of tea culture.
It's very exciting to think that there are still such wonderful teas in the world.

luxurious tea time

Tea adds color to a variety of occasions, whether it's as a gift for a friend, a luxurious tea time alone, or a family gathering.
LeMoment helps you discover "beautiful tea" that adds color to your life.

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