How to use used tea leaves

Tea is an important part of Japanese culture. However, it is a waste to throw away the used tea leaves after drinking tea. In this article, we will introduce how to use used tea leaves.

1. Use as fertilizer

The used tea leaves can be used as fertilizer for plants. Tea leaves contain nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and these ingredients help improve soil. You can promote plant growth by mixing tea leaves into the soil in your garden or planter.

2. Use for beauty purposes

Tea leaves have beauty effects. The polyphenols, vitamin C, and caffeine contained in tea leaves are effective in moisturizing and whitening the skin. You can make homemade face masks and body scrubs using used tea leaves. Get beautiful skin with the power of tea leaves.

3. Use as food

Used tea leaves can also be used for cooking. Tea leaves can be dried and made into powder, which can be used as an ingredient in sweets and bread. You can also enjoy delicious boiled and stir-fried dishes using tea leaves. Recipes using used tea leaves will be published at a later date.

Try reusing tea leaves and enjoy new flavors.

4. Use as a fragrance

Used tea leaves can also be used as a fragrance. Packing tea leaves into cloth bags or bags and placing them in clothing or shoe boxes has a deodorizing and scenting effect. Also, by adding tea leaves to your bath, you can expect a relaxing effect and a fatigue recovery effect. Create a comfortable space with the scent of tea leaves.

Used tea leaves can be used in a variety of ways before being thrown away. Please try to bring out the power of tea leaves to the fullest, such as using them as fertilizer, beauty products, cooking, and fragrance. Reusing tea leaves allows you to live a more sustainable life.