Enjoy tea in autumn

Autumn is one of the beautiful seasons in Japan and the perfect season to enjoy tea. Tea plays an important role in Japanese culture and is also known as an autumn tradition.

Autumn tea types

In autumn, you can enjoy various types of tea. Typical types include sencha, gyokuro, and hojicha.

  • Sencha: Sencha is a commonly known type of tea that is characterized by its refreshing aroma and rich flavor.
  • Gyokuro: Gyokuro is known as a high-quality tea, with a deep flavor and sweetness.
  • Hojicha: Hojicha is a tea made by roasting tea leaves to bring out its aroma, allowing you to enjoy the flavors of autumn.

How to enjoy tea

Everyone has their own way of enjoying tea, but we recommend enjoying it along with the autumn scenery. By relaxing and drinking tea in a park or garden, you can harmonize with the beautiful nature of autumn.

We also recommend participating in tea parties and tea classes. You can learn how to brew and enjoy tea from an expert teacher.


Enjoying tea in autumn is a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and customs. Try out varieties such as sencha, gyokuro, and hojicha, and enjoy your tea along with the beautiful autumn scenery.