Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g

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Ingredients: Marika tea (green tea)

History/Producing area

Jasmine tea (jasmine tea) is a local drink of Fujian Province, China, and jasmine flower is the provincial flower of Fujian Province.

It is said that it was originally made by absorbing the scent of Matsurica flowers and drinking it in order to preserve the quality of the tea leaves and drink them deliciously without wasting them.

LeMoment's Marijuana Tea uses Qingxin Citrus and is produced in Huatan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan.


This Taiwanese tea is scented with luxurious layers of 3 types of jasmine flowers and tea leaves.

Enjoy the gorgeous scent of jasmine and the refreshing flavor of green tea.

Because it is lightly fermented and unroasted, it does not become bitter.

Features of jasmine tea

■Fat burning effect The tea leaves that are the base of jasmine tea contain caffeine, which has a fat burning effect.
It not only makes it easier to burn accumulated fat, but also prevents the fat ingested from meals from accumulating in the body, making it the perfect drink to support your diet.

■Adjusts hormone balance Benzyl acetate, an aromatic component of jasmine tea, has the ability to adjust the hormonal balance that tends to be disturbed by adjusting the autonomic nervous system and promoting a relaxing effect.
Not only is it useful for relieving PMS symptoms before menstruation, but it is also effective for mood swings and irritability caused by menopausal symptoms.

■Green tea, which is used to make jasmine tea for anti-aging care, is rich in catechins and tannins, which have high antioxidant properties.
Oxidation in the body is cited as one of the causes of aging phenomena such as wrinkles and age spots, but catechins and tannins are reliable substances that suppress the oxidation rate in the body!

To maintain a healthy body forever, we also recommend enjoying jasmine tea, which has antioxidant properties.

■Skin-beautifying effects Jasmine tea contains a large amount of vitamin C, so it has many skin-beautifying effects, such as improving rough skin and normalizing skin turnover.
The main effects of vitamin C include "suppressing melanin production," "antioxidant action," "supporting collagen production," "normalizing sebum secretion," "promoting blood and lymph flow," and "improving immunity." , are all important things for beautiful skin.

■Promotes Digestion Jasmine tea has excellent digestive properties, so it is sometimes served after meals in Chinese restaurants where food is often oily.
The rich vitamins and minerals contained in jasmine tea are thought to work on the stomach and intestines to support digestion.

■Relaxing effect The sweet scent of jasmine comes from aromatic ingredients such as ``linalool'' and ``benzel acetate.''
These ingredients have sedative effects, anti-anxiety effects, and antihypertensive effects, so they are thought to help calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed.
When the autonomic nervous system is adjusted by relaxing, the hormonal balance becomes easier to normalize, creating a virtuous cycle.

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place of origin

Taiwan Changhua Flowerbed

Internal capacity


how to drink
Tea leaves: 3g
Water: 300cc
Temperature: Boiling water 95℃ / Cold water 10℃
Time: 6 minutes of boiling water / 24 hours of cold brewing
*Please adjust the time according to your preference.

Preservation method

Avoid high temperatures and high humidity, and be careful of scent transfer.


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Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g
Green tea and jasmine scented green tea 30g

Safety and security

Safety and security

We are particular about the safety and security of tea leaves from all over the world, and provide the highest quality tea. We carefully select manufacturers and producers whose production status can be confirmed, and we purchase the most selected tea leaves from among them. We offer tea that brings out the freshness, flavor, and aroma of tea leaves to the fullest.

Package Design


We pay attention not only to quality and taste, but also to packaging and design. LeMoment is a tea brand whose concept is to deliver beautiful tea. Not only does it taste good, but the packaging also enhances the interior decor just by placing it in it.We offer beautiful tea that will make your loved ones happy as a gift.

Rich variety

Rich variety

LeMoment offers a wide variety of teas. We offer a wide range of choices, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and more, both domestic and international. Each has its own unique characteristics, flavor and aroma, so you can choose according to your preference.


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