Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)

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I want to try all the different craft teas! Recommended for those who like this, the set includes three types of craft tea.

A luxurious set that combines beauty and artistry to bloom when you pour hot water into it. Crafted tea that is visually pleasing is the perfect item for entertaining or as a gift.

set content

Flower-blooming craft tea (green tea) with swaying jasmine and roses

Ingredients: green tea, jasmine flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, meiky (rose)

The product name ``Senko'' means a beautiful woman who lives in a fairyland, and as the name suggests, Meiky Senko is a tea leaf with a beautiful color and aroma. Meiky (rose) blooms at the tip of the flower, making it an easy-to-drink tea with a taste similar to Japanese tea. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it is said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, making it especially popular among people with a high aesthetic sense and health-conscious people.

Craft tea with beautiful jasmine arches and lily flowers (jasmine tea)

Ingredients: green tea, jasmine flowers, lily

A flower tea with a beautiful arch of lilies and jasmine flowers. When the tea leaves open, the flower buds and leaves look beautiful, which is why the name ``Sage'' is used. When you take a sip, you can smell the aroma of jasmine tea, and it has a refreshing taste similar to green tea.

Craft tea (jasmine tea) in which red rose flowers bloom while swaying

Ingredients: jasmine tea, jasmine flowers, red rose

When the tea leaves open, the red flowers of the red crepe and the flowers of the jasmine tea sway, making this tea visually soothing. It uses both jasmine tea leaves and flowers, and is recommended for those who want to directly enjoy the scent and taste of jasmine.

What is craft tea?

Craft tea is ``tea with flowers blooming in a pot'' made by crafting tea leaves and combining flowers.
Before pouring hot water, the tea leaves are round and round, resembling flower buds.
The tea leaves have a round shape and resemble flower buds.
When you pour hot water, the tea leaves slowly open, revealing beautiful flowers from inside.

We recommend placing the tea in a transparent glass pot or a large heat-resistant glass cup so that you can see the tea leaves unfolding as a surprise.
Additionally, all manufacturing is done by hand.
It is made by tying flowers with thread, wrapping them hidden inside bundles of tea leaves, and carefully drying them.
The work is extremely detailed and is classified as a high-quality tea that takes a lot of time and effort to make.
It is a relatively new tea in the history of Chinese tea.
The way the tea leaves open after pouring hot water resembles a flower blooming, and its beautiful appearance is very popular among women. It is also a great tea to enjoy when entertaining guests.

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Internal capacity

3 pieces (1 piece/approx. 7g)

how to drink
① Pour freshly boiled water into a heat-resistant glass teapot or teapot.

②Pour one cup of craft tea.
It's okay to put the craft tea in the pot first, but the tea leaves may peel off.

③ Close the lid and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. The clusters of tea leaves gradually open and the flowers begin to bloom.

④When the tea leaves open and the flowers are exposed, it is ready to drink.

⑤When the tea in the pot runs out, add hot water and enjoy. After the 2nd boil, you can add hot water to your desired temperature and enjoy.

■Points for drinking deliciously and happily
★Don't finish drinking the tea, please add more!
One grain of craft tea can serve three 300ml teapots of delicious tea.
Please add hot water and drink while adjusting the strength of your preference.
The tea at the bottom of the pot is stronger, so you can enjoy it more by adding hot water before drinking it all.

★Use freshly boiled water!
If the temperature of the hot water is low, it may take a while for the craft tea to open. If you want to enjoy lukewarm tea, first pour hot water to let the craft tea open, then pour in lukewarm water and adjust the temperature.The flowers will bloom beautifully and you can enjoy delicious craft tea.

★Vertical teapot is recommended
Many craft teas are tall from the tea leaves to the flowers, so we recommend using a tall teapot. Pots with wide bottoms, small round shapes, or low height pots will not look good because the tea leaves will spread out too much and the flowers will not float in the water.

★Underwater flowers after drinking
After drinking tea leaves, you can transfer them to water and display them as underwater flowers.
Depending on the shape, you can enjoy it for about a week by changing the water every day.


Preservation method

Avoid high temperatures and humidity, and store at room temperature.


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Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)
Flower blooming tea (craft tea) 3 types set (3 pieces)

Safety and security

Safety and security

We are particular about the safety and security of tea leaves from all over the world, and provide the highest quality tea. We carefully select manufacturers and producers whose production status can be confirmed, and we purchase the most selected tea leaves from among them. We offer tea that brings out the freshness, flavor, and aroma of tea leaves to the fullest.

Package Design


We pay attention not only to quality and taste, but also to packaging and design. LeMoment is a tea brand whose concept is to deliver beautiful tea. Not only does it taste good, but the packaging also enhances the interior decor just by placing it in it.We offer beautiful tea that will make your loved ones happy as a gift.

Rich variety

Rich variety

LeMoment offers a wide variety of teas. We offer a wide range of choices, including green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and more, both domestic and international. Each has its own unique characteristics, flavor and aroma, so you can choose according to your preference.


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